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2023 Spring Portsmouth Races



2023 Spring Portsmouth Races


Columbia SC

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This regatta is open to sailing boats of any type and size. The event is open to members of CSC and non-members. 

Racing will take place on 3/19, 3/26, and 4/30 at 1400. Two races are planned for each day.


When registering, please use your boat's DPN handicap number found in the North American Portsmouth Yardstick Table of Pre-Calculated Classes. The table is listed in race documents along with NOR and SIs. If your boat is not listed in the table but a rating exists, please email a reference to your rating to Rich Horton. 



Common Portsmouth ratings: 

Boat DPN
Flying Scot 89.60
Highlander 84.30
ILCA 6 (Radial) 96.70
ILCA 7 (Full) 91.10
J/24 80.80
Lightning 87.00
MC Scow 87.80
Melges 15 (provisional) 89.00
S2 7.9 81.00
San Juan 21 94.70
Sunfish 99.60
Thistle 83.00
Ultimate 20 79.90
Vanguard 15 90.50
VX One 77.00
Y Flyer 86.70

If your boat isn't on this list, find your class in the North American Portsmouth Yardstick Table of Pre-Calculated Classes in the documents below. If you can't find your boat, just send an email to Rich Horton.


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